Grace Anglican Church Cemetery

Grace Anglican Church Cemetery
333 Smith St.

Picture of cemetery consisting of 3 headstones


This very small cemetery consists of 3 flat markers nestled in the trees at the back of  a small Lions Park in the Village of Arthur.

In 1846, the Provincial Government gave a grant of five acres of land at this site to the Toronto Church Society.  In 1854 the first Anglican Church of Arthur was built here.  A rectory and stable were built soon after. The rectory is now a private home (which is visible across the parking lot).  A cemetery was on the east half of the lot.

The original church was abandoned about 1878.  The original rectory was sold to William Hathaway in 1901 for $800.  In the early 1900's, remains were exhumed from the cemetery.  A few of the headstones have been placed together near the marker.  In 1975, the cemetery land was turned over to the Village for $1. 

More information is available at the Historical Display at 146 George Street, Arthur.