Contribute To The Simply Explore Culture Map

The Township of Wellington North has been working toward the implementation of the municipality's Culture Plan that will promote and increase awareness of the many cultural assets across Wellington North.

A part of the implementation of the Culture Plan includes a thorough understanding of Wellington North's cultural resources through a cultural mapping exercise. Cultural Mapping is the practice of categorizing and recording a community's cultural resources through a defined Cultural Resource Framework.

For the continual development of the Simply Explore Culture Map, we ask that you aid us to identify any additional assets within the six categories found here on the map and the following survey. All that is required is the asset and if possible the asset's main subcategory, the Township of Wellington North will complete the rest of the research.

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Your answers are strictly confidential and will only be used to improve the Cultural Mapping Database. We encourage that once you complete the process to share the Simply Explore Culture mapping website with others so that they may share their local knowledge as well.

Thank you,

Township of Wellington North