Greenfield Cemetery

Greenfield Cemetery
7849 Wellington Rd 109
Peel Township, Arthur
Postal Code
N0G 1A0

Plaque on a pillar at the entrance to the cemetery giving the date it was opened in 1879.


Greenfield Cemetery is located on lot 7, con 19, Peel Township (highway 9).  On July 19, 1877, a Meeting for Cemetery Shareholders was held in Green's Hotel, to organize the purchase of land in Peel Township, for a local cemetery, with the pre-arranged name of "Greenfield".    The first eight shareholders were John Anderson, Robert Mitchell, John C. Mitchell, William Clarke, Anthony Buschlen, William Scott, Robert Martin, and William Eden.  John Anderson was the first President.

The land was purchased for $1,200.  Surveying and maps cost $400.  Cost of digging a grave was $1.  In the summer of 1880, a dwelling was built on the grounds for the Caretaker, at a cost of $400.

The beautiful Memorial Gates were erected in 1934.  Perpetual Care came into effect in the   1950's.  A Memorial Service is held each summer.

The cemetery is inter-denominational.