Sacred Heart Church Cemetery

Sacred Heart Church Cemetery
9141 Highway 6
Kennilworth, Wellington North
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                                                                       Picture of the stone and iron gate to the cemetery. There is an arch over the gate.



The Catholic cemetery known as Sacred Heart Cemetery was formed in 1908 when Father Daniel Kehoe purchased 6 acres of land from a parishioner, Fred O'Donnell, just north of  the new Sacred Heart Church in Kennilworth.  One acre was surveyed into cemetery plots 20 ft by 32 ft with a walkway between each plot.  Those plots were then divided into four grave lots, which sold for $8.00 per lot.  The land was all tile drained.

The first burial was Mrs. John Purtell (45 years) on August 24, 1908. Mrs purtell was the wife of John Purtell

The arched stone gateway and stone fence to the cemetery were erected in 1935 by Jack Ashwood. Patrick Hand, a local blacksmith, did the iron work.  On the front of the stone arch of the gateway, are the words "Requiescant in pace" in iron.

The parish priests looked after the records until 1944 when a Cemetery Board was appointed. Since that time more land has been surveyed to enlarge the cemetery.

On Saturday, June 5, 1982, guest Bishop Reding, while celebrating a cemetery Mass for deceased parishioners, presented the 29th Diocesan Medal of Honour to Mr. Mark Goetz Sr.  who had laboured so generously and freely with the care of the cemetery and grounds.

The cemetery is located on the east side of Highway 6 just north of the main intersection of Kennilworth.


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