Meadowside Mennonite Church

Meadowside Mennonite Church
9621 Wellington Rd 14
Postal Code
N0G 1N0

In the early 20th century, some of the Old Order Mennonites in Ontario and Pennsylvania began to use automobiles instead of horses and buggies, which resulted in a great deal of tension within the Old Order congregations. Because of this, "The Old Orders of Waterloo had ceased to affiliate with Markham in 1930 because of the automobile issue.

From 1931 the MWMC had been known as the Markham Mennonite Conference. When a significant group of Old Order Mennonites from the Waterloo County area of Ontario joined with the Markham church in the 1930s, the new MWMC church was formed in 1939.

The Old Order Mennonite Conference of Ontario had its roots in a division within the Mennonite Conference of Ontario in 1889 over such issues as the use of Protestant Sunday School methods, evangelistic meetings, church order, etc.

As much as a religion, the Mennonite faith is a way of life.  There is emphasis on peace, community and service.  They are part of the Markham-Waterloo Mennonite Conference.  The congregation built this church in 2012.

Please respect the Mennonite community and their privacy by not taking pictures.